Read articles and watch online tutorial video on Ubuntu Linux help topics for beginners to advance Ubuntu Linux users.My tutorials will teach you how to use Ubuntu to check e-mail, browse the web, type documents, do office work and open media files, and many other common tasks in Ubuntu Operating System for Free.

Raspberry Pi Model B Mini PC is the cheapest way to use Linux on a new PC

The Raspberry Pi Model B is one of the cheapest $35 Linux mini computers for the Model B version which I ever own. The reason that the Raspberry Pi is so cheap is because it uses mobile parts, and because of its small size.

The Raspberry Pi is cheap, and small, but it can do many desktop tasks like surf the web, programming, office work, and playing games like Minecraft PE Pi Edition, Quake 3, and other games. It can even play video with OMXplayer, or with Rasbmc, or OpenElec which are Multimedia operating systems for the Pi which has the popular XBMC media player installed on it.

The Raspberry Pi mains operating system is Rasbian which is based on Debian which is one of the most popular Linux operating systems.Rasbian comes with programs like Scratch, and Python which you can use to learn how to code programs on. Rasbian also comes with a web browser, and the Pi App store for downloading, and installing programs onto Rasbian.

I mainly have been using my Pi to play games like Quake 3, OpenArena, and Minecraft PE Pi Edition. There are about 40 games available for the Pi in the Pi App Store in Rasbian. The Pi is also good for playing video, music, and viewing with Rasbmc, or OpenElec. It can play HD video pretty good in my experience. Web Browsing on the Pi is slower, but it loads more basic sites like Craigslist pretty quickly.

The Raspberry Pi also does not use much power because it uses a MicroUSB charger as its power source, and the Pi is very power efficient because it only has 512 MB of RAM, a 700MHz Mobile CPU, and uses a SD card for storing the operating system, and files. All the parts on the Pi, and the SD card uses very little power because there are no moving parts, and the Pi does not need an electric fan to cool it like other computers like desktops, or laptops. The low power usage of the Pi would make it a good computer for displaying pictures and video on a TV or monitor, using to play music by plugging in a pair of speakers, and using as a file server. I also seen videos online of people using the Pi to make a mini laptop, and tablet with a small screen, keyboard, and battery pack to power the Pi.

The Pi is also noiseless, and does not generate any noise because it does not have active cooling fans, or a spinning hard drive like a regular computer which needs spinning cooling fans to cool it, and uses a hard drive to store the operating system, and files.

The Raspberry Pi is an affordable, small, and quiet computer which is great for learning how to use Linux, coding programs, watching videos, listening to music, and light web browsing, and office work.

I recommend buying or making a Raspberry Pi Case for the Pi to protect it from dust, damage, and dirt which may damage the Circuit board. A Case also makes the Pi look cooler and more unique.

Lubuntu 13.10 great operating system for older computers and devices

Lubuntu desktop

Lubuntu 13.10 is one of the best free Ubuntu Linux based operating systems for older computers, and laptops which were built in the 90s to 2014. Lubuntu is based on Ubuntu Linux, but uses the lightweight LXDE desktop Environment. This means all programs which work in Ubuntu will work on Lubuntu, and you will have more free RAM, and CPU cycles to run your programs. Having more free RAM, and CPU cycles is great for gaming, video editing, web browsing, and office tasks where your RAM, and CPU could become very full as more files are open. The LXDE desktop environment save a few dollars on your electricity bill, and extend the life of your battery because of its low CPU and Ram usages when in use. Lubuntu also starts up in under a minute, and shutdowns in only a few seconds. It also wakes from sleep in under a few seconds as well. The quickness of Lubuntu makes it a great OS for computers which need to turn on quickly like multimedia computers for watching video or listening to music where people want to start using their PC after pressing the ON button. I notice there are also fewer error messages when I use Lubuntu compared to other Linux based operating systems I used because my older computer can handle running Lubuntu very well. For most older computers with 1GB of RAM, a single or dual core CPU, and integrated video, Lubuntu should run pretty well on it.It also can be installed on smaller hard drive in the 5-10 GB size, so it can be installed on Nerbooks with small flash memory drives as well. I seen videos online where people run Lubuntu on tablets, and slower computers like the Raspberry Pi or Netbook laptops, so Lubuntu is a great operating system for older or slower devices with less RAM, and slower CPUs. It is also easy to install Lubuntu by starting Lubuntu from a CD with the Lubuntu CD image installed on it, and following the step by step instructions which will be displayed on the monitor for you to follow to install Lubuntu on your computer, or along side another Linux or Windows operating systems. You can also try out Lubuntu from the CD before installing it by clicking the install icon on the desktop after you finish trying out Lubuntu.

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Upgrade and Review

I recently upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

It was pretty easy to upgrade to Ubuntu. I used the Ubuntu Upgrade Manager, and change the settings to upgrade to "All versions of Ubuntu" instead of Long Term Release/LTS versions. All I had to do is agree to upgrade to Ubuntu, and wait for Ubuntu to download, and install the updates, and then I restarted my computer, and Ubuntu 12.10 was installed.

If you do not have a lot of free space on your computer, I recommend emptying your web browsers history, and moving your personal files to another hard drive, or to an external hard drive. You can also uninstall programs in Ubuntu which you no longer use. You can use the Ubuntu Software Center to uninstall programs.

Ubuntu 12.10 is similar to Ubuntu 12.04. I like the file search in the launcher lense in Ubuntu 12.10, and that it now displays images in the file search.

Ubuntu 12.10 now lets you pin web apps like Gmail, YouTube,  Spotify, Ubuntu One, Amazon, and Yahoo mail to the launcher for quick access from the desktop.

Start computer from Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS Live USB Flash Drive

Many newer computers can start a computer from a Live USB Flash drive which has Ubuntu 12.04 preloaded on it. All you do is enter your BIOS/CMOS in your computer, and tell your computer to start from a USB flash Drive.

The Patriot Xporter XT Boost USB Drive is a great USB 2.0 flash drive for installing Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS on to because it is fast, durable and reliable.

You can also use a boot manager program which is like the BIOS, but it is only used for picking which device which you want to start from like a USB drive, CD, hard drive or floppy.

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